BE HAPPY BEES is an apiary and conservation effort from Expert Eco. Our bees undergo a regimen of care that allows hives to flourish and produce better honey. That honey is harvested in specific areas to aid the local community in allergy reduction, commerce, culinary arts, and so much more.

What’s the buzz about bees?

Here at Be Happy Bees we offer a wide range of honeybee services. Hive removals, swarm removals, hive management, beehive sales, hive equipment, beehive removals, and honey harvesting are all options with us. 

Do you need bees?

If you meet other requirements, adding bees to your property may qualify you for additional tax exemptions. Give us a call if adding bees to your home or business is something that you are wanting or needing to do!

Will we remove wild honeybees?

Removing wild hives from your home or business is one of our specialties here at Be Happy Bees. We do humane removals that do not harm or kill the bees, but instead they are relocated to our local apiary. 


If you need to purchase bees for your home or business give us a call, we have single story hives and nucleus colonies for sale several times of year. If we currently do not have what you are looking for we can put you on our waitlist and get bees at your home or business as soon as possible.


We have many products frequently used by bee keepers and hobbyists: from wooden ware such as bee boxes to honey supers, to queen clips and excluders.  Allow Be Happy Bees to assist you every step of the way!


Would you like to have bee hives on your property, but do not want to take care of them?  We have your solution – you buy the bee hives from us then we take care of the bees.  At the end of the honey season, we split the honey with you. You may even qualify for an agricultural exemption if you own at least 5 acres. 


If you have your own beehives but do not want to or cannot handle the honey harvesting process, allow us to come out and take care of the honey harvesting for you. We can take your honey filled boxes and turn them into beautiful jugs of honey!


Expert Eco is focused on both conservation and comfort, combining compassion for animals, and a desire to see the world around us flourish. Call us today for a free estimate on any of our services!

~ Noah White, CEO
B.S., Wildlife Biology