We care about the impact that bees have on our world and we strive to make sure that we care for them as much as possible. Removing wild hives from your home or business is one of our specialties here at Expert Eco. We do humane removals that do not harm or kill the bees, but instead they are relocated to our local apiary where they can live on to better the world around us.


If your home or business has bees give us a call. If you see them entering a hole in your wall, roof, decks or more, there is likely a hive living near that area. Please do not spray them or try to remove them, instead leave it to a professional and  let us take care of it.  Once bees move into a structure, they can cause damage and must be removed. Call us for an evaluation.


Bee swarms are most common in the spring when a queen leaves the old hive with a large group of worker bees to find a new home. They often cluster together in a ball in a tree on their way to a new home. If you see a swarm, contact us as soon as possible. We will relocate the swarm and remove them before they move into your home or other structures.


I have a swarm of bees on my property. How do I protect myself and my family?

Leave them alone. Bee swarms are not usually aggressive and will not sting unless provoked. They are looking for a new home and are not trying to protect an existing home.

call us as soon as you see a swarm.  We will relocate the bees to a new home!

I have bees in the walls or eaves of my house. Can I get someone to take the bees and honey for free? Can't any beekeeper remove them?

If you have bees inside the walls of a structure, removing them is a job that requires hours or days of hard work. Most beekeepers are not insured and bonded to this type of work. This is why you should give us a call, as we are fully insured and can get you taken care of without the risk.

Can't I just kill the bees myself?

Bees can be killed with dish detergent mixed in water or with pesticides. However, the problem lies with the comb and honey left inside your structure. If not removed, the honey can run down the walls and cause damage to your building.  Also, the remaining comb and honey attracts other bees or pests to take up residence inside your structure.

If you find bees in your home or other structure, call us for a free estimate!

Introducing BE HAPPY BEES!

From hive sales to honey harvesting, BE HAPPY BEES is here to help with both the conservation of honey bees, and all things apiary. Click to learn more about our apiary, and the services we provide.


Expert Eco is focused on both conservation and comfort, combining compassion for animals, and a desire to see the world around us flourish. Call us today for a free estimate on any of our services!

~ Noah White, CEO
B.S., Wildlife Biology